A day in the kitchen

When you visit us, you are kindly invited to join Jernej and Marta in creating seasonal and local home-made dishes. If you wish, you can also learn how to make “idrijski žlikrofi” (dumplings), “bakalca” (lamb sauce), the house “štruklji” (rolled dumplings) and other dishes with their help.

Spring is the time for various dishes with asparagus, wild garlic soup, “štruklji”, freshly-picked porcini mushrooms and chanterelles, altogether spiced up with a dandelion salad, dressed with cracklings and potato. In hot summer months, dishes are accompanied by home-made vegetables, which are particularly welcomed by vegetarians. In autumn, guests indulge in an excellent squash soup and “štruklji”, complemented by a chestnut pie. Finally, winter is the time for cabbage, pork sausages, turnip, the Šebrelje želodec and various pork meat and sausages.