Tourist farm

As a member of the Houses of Tradition, the Želinc Tourist Farm provides a rich holiday experience in a homely Slovenian environment. Situated on a plain stretching around the confluence of the rivers Cerknica and Idrijca and hidden behind a carpet of treetops, the Farm will welcome you with its easy-going style in a delightful landscape. Prepare for relaxation! Your taste buds will be spoiled by superb home-grown and home-made dishes, prepared by the skilful fingers of mother Marta and her son Jernej. These delicious dishes will be complemented by top-quality Slovenian wines, while you can also try home-made brandies and liqueurs or home-made cider from the fruits of our 70-year-old apple tree. You will be awaited by high-quality comfortable rooms with a relaxing view of the Idrijca River. And although you may be far from home, you will feel right at home.