Fishing in Slovenia

Just a few steps away from our tourist farm runs the river Idrijca, packed with marble trout and grayling. All fishing enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy the beauty of underwater life around here. If you have not fully mastered the fly fishing technique yet and are not familiar with the best fishing locations, contact the local guide. 

Fishing permits can be bought at the Farm, while the rules on fishing in our waters can be found on the website of the fishing association Ribiška družina Idrija, which looks after a quality fish stock.

Nearby rivers good for fishing:

With the words of Rok Luštrik, a fishing guide: “In terms of fishing, Slovenia fly fishing is a paradise, since so many diverse waters on such a small area cannot be found anywhere else in the world.”

Best fishing guides we know:

Fly fishing in Slovenia offers you crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature. We invite you to Idrijca river where beautiful marble trout can be catched.