The village of Straža

Straža is a small, diverse and scattered village lying in the Idrijca river valley, with just over a hundred inhabitants. Rather than Straža, this place is better known under the name Želin. This is, however, a misuse of local names, since Želin is just a hamlet with three homesteads.

On a hill above the village stands St. Paul’s Church offering a magnificent view of the nearby surroundings and beyond. You can reach the little church by following a steep asphalt road branching off from the main road, which is perfect for a short walk or may serve as a starting point for longer hikes across the Cerkno hills.

A special feature of our village is a natural monument – the source of Zaganjalka or Zaganjalščica, which springs high below Lajše. This karst-like spring, which disappears and gushes out again at equal intervals, has given its name to other known phenomena of the sort – “zaganjalka” being an intermittent spring. You can see it in action in an interesting online video.