Our Farm in the past

The first known written records of the Farm in Želin, locally called “pri Želincu”, date back to the end of the 14th century. Back then, our ancestors started working a small farm that eventually, through hard work and with the help of farmhands and maidservants, grew into a medium-sized farm (around 63 hectares). 

The farm was passed from one generation to another, each generation leaving its mark on the farm. However, every generation pursued livestock and arable farming. Most of the time, the farm was self-sufficient, while any surplus was sold to buy fabric and sugar in particular.

As generations changed, the farm experienced its ups and downs. During World Wars I and II, the farm remained intact thanks to its strategically important military location. The fact that much was happening in this region during the war is supported by war ruins, such as bunkers and observation posts.